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Every student wants to master some extra- ordinary skills or to prepare for a Competitive Exam. To fulfil this wish a parallel learning program is introduced via initiation of three societies namely:-

  1. CODING SOCIETY :- To enhance coding skills of students by giving them problems asked in technical exams of big corporate.
  2. WEB DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY :- To get updated with amazing facts of Web Development and to master it with the help of College teachers.
  3. GATE SOCIETY :- To prepare for GATE Examination by parallel learning through which students can try to solve problems of each other.

These societies run in last lecture on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for CSE third year students with approx 70 students.

Basically the motive of these societies is to make students learn that much in College hours so that they can perform outstanding in placements and Competitive Exams. These societies organize competitions after each month and Alumni interaction programs to prepare path for fulfilling the dreams of students.